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Here at Fluff Tasic Frenchies, we have the highest genetic standards and offer the most exotic fluffy French bulldogs. We select the best dogs for breeding (only 1-2 litters a year) to ensure good temperament, perfect structure and exemplary health. All of our fluffy French bulldogs are DNA tested, fully vaccinated and microchipped before delivery. We do not send out any of our puppies until they reach a minimum of 8 weeks old. All of our puppies come with a health certificate provided by a licensed veterinarian.

About the Breed

The fluffy French Bulldog has the appearance of an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, fluffy coat, compactly built, and of medium or small structure. Expression alert, curious, and interested. Any alteration other than removal of dewclaws is considered mutilation and is a disqualification. Proportion and Symmetry – All points are well distributed and bear good relation one to the other; no feature being in such prominence from either excess or lack of quality that the animal appears poorly proportioned. Frenchies don’t bark much—but their alertness makes them excellent watchdogs. They happily adapt to life with singles, couples, or families, and do not require a lot of outdoor exercise. They get on well with other animals and enjoy making new friends of the human variety. 

How are they fluffy?
How are they fluffy?
Long coats are a recessive trait in dogs. That means the genetic instructions for long coats are easily masked by competing genetic instructions for short coats. The gene for long hair in Frenchies is called the c.559-560dupGG gene. But for convenience it’s more usually called the L4 gene! French Bulldogs without the L4 gene look like normal short haired Frenchies. French Bulldogs with just one copy of the L4 gene carry it silently – they have a short coat, but they can pass it on to their puppies. But Frenchies with two copies of the L4 gene (one from their mom and one from their dad) have long coats. The L4 gene is also responsible for the long hair on Afghan Hounds and Eurasier dogs. There are other long haired genes (L1, L2, L3 and L5) which cause long hair in other breeds.
We Love our fluffy frenchies
We love our fluffy frenchies

We treat all of our dogs and pups as family members, let them roam freely in our vast green garden and rest with us in our house. They can play as much as they want and we raise them by teaching all the good manners among dogs and people, including children. We recommend a high-quality dog food appropriate to the dog’s age (puppy, adult, or senior) that will have all the nutrients the breed needs. Frenchies are prone to obesity, which can damage their physical structure and puts them at higher risk for some of the breed’s health issues, so it is vital to watch their calorie intake and weight as they grow.

In the mid-1800s, a toy-size Bulldog found favor in some English cities, including Nottingham, then a center for lace making. The toy Bulldog became something of a mascot for Nottingham’s lace makers. This was the height of the Industrial Revolution in England, and such “cottage industries” as lace making were increasingly threatened. Many in the lace trade relocated to northern France, and of course, they brought their toy Bulldogs with them.
The little dogs became popular in the French countryside where lace makers settled. Over a span of decades, the toy Bulldogs were crossed with other breeds, perhaps terriers and Pugs, and, along the way, developed their now-famous bat ears. The little dogs became popular in the French countryside where lace makers settled. They were given the name Bouledogue Français. Paris eventually discovered the delightful new breed, and thus began the Frenchie’s reputation as city dog par excellence. The breed came to be associated with Paris café life, and with the bon vivants and fancy ladies who sought nocturnal pleasures in Parisian dancehalls.  American devotees of the early 1900s contributed to the breed by insisting that the bat ear, as opposed to the “rose ear,” was the correct Frenchie type. It is by this distinctive feature that the Frenchie is instantly recognizable the world over.

Our puppies are delivered by experts of pet transport to ensure they don’t experience stress even amid longer flights. They travel in a temperature-controlled and pressurized room (not stacked on top of suitcases), and they are watched all along the flight. During layovers, the puppies are taken off the plane and placed in a pet hotel, where they are given fresh food, water and lots of pampering.


Contact us about the puppy you are interested in, and we will send you the adoption details. Get to know your future pup via video chat.

Paperwork & deposit

We send you the health guarantee and the adoption contract along with the invoice. Firsthand 20% deposit is needed through PayPal.


We transport your puppy to any international airports nationwide, and for that, we arrange their microchip, passport, health certification, and flight ticket. 5 days prior of transporting your puppy the rest of the price should be paid via PayPal.


As your Fluffy Frenchie is about to land, make sure you to have the right food, snacks, some water and a towel to welcome them at the airport. We gladly help you with all the necessities.


Prices and availability upon request